10/07/10: HOT or NOT

What was HOT and what was NOT around campus this week.

Hot: Home again

The homecoming events around campus have been a pleasant reprieve from the standard week at Tech. It gives students a chance to appreciate the history and tradition of Tech. Granted, some freshmen are going to find it hard to justify the tradition of getting up at the break of dawn to run a race to get a cupcake, but remember: if you train and win, you also get a kiss.

Not: Pole problems

While London Bridge might not be falling down, everything around Tech’s campus seems to be. After a week that saw a tree fall on CCF, this week saw a telephone pole fall onto the traffic lights at Tenth Street and Hemphill. With this being midterms season, the next logical thing to come tumbling down is the morale of Tech students once grades come out.

Hot: Great debate

The gubernatorial debate, organized largely by SGA, was a rousing success. Giving students the opportunity to get their question answered by the candidates helps the younger generation engage in politics and gives a voice to the problems of students. SGA deserves kudos for organizing such an event and playing a leadership role amongst the student governments across the state.

Phishing trip

The recent trend of phishing from the Tech server has many on campus a little on the paranoid side when dealing with their email accounts. Remember, if an email asks for your social security and a bank account to transfer funds from Nigeria, don’t do it. Still, the joke is on the hackers: the chance of finding money in a college student’s bank account is pretty slim.