10/01/10: HOT or NOT

What’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week


Tech’s new partnership with Khalifa University for Science, Technology and Research positions Tech in a region of important technological development and policy discussion. Tech should continue to broaden its international partnerships with other universities across the world that share its vision and that will be mutually beneficial to both institutes.

NOT: Tree attack

When a tree falls on CCF, not only does it make a sound, it also causes a significant amount of chaos. The tree caused a power outage for a significant portion of the Greek sector and a gas leak that exacerbated the situation. Thankfully no one was hurt during the incident except the avid tree huggers who just lost a best friend. It also annoyed pedestrians on Monday.

HOT: Here comes da’ money

The $3.5 million donation from John Brock, the CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises and Tech alumnus, for an indoor football practice facility reiterates the pride current and former students take in Tech. The facility should help the team better handle the summer heat and give the team flexibility when practicing. Also, the field will be a great $7 million recruiting tool for the Jackets.

NOT: Pack attack

While many thought that the hope of an ACC quarterback being a Heisman candidate were dead after the first few weeks, the Tech defense made N.C. State quarterback Russell Wilson look like a shoe-in for an invite to New York in Dec. Thankfully no one else in the Coastal Division looks much better, and Tech still controls its destiny to an ACC Championship.