Consensus: Balance with the arts

The unique alliance between the Woodruff Center for the Arts and Tech opens up new entertainment and cultural options for students and enhances the relationship between two important institutes in the Midtown area. This new program is a benefit for all students, allowing them to experience the arts through an affordable and plentiful platform. The Woodruff Center offers world-class exhibitions and performances that could not be hosted at Tech and experiencing these attractions will enhance the overall education of students.

This program must also be fully promoted to students to maximize utilization. Partnering with the Student Center Programs Council, which run Tech’s nights at the Aquarium and Six Flags efficiently, to support the new Tech nights at the Woodruff Center should prove to make the events just as popular. Transportation for these special events should also be provided to maximize attendance by all students. Students must also embrace this opportunity and appreciate the work of SGA and the administration to facilitate this worthwhile program.

This new partnership between Tech and the Woodruff Center should also be the first of many steps to enhance the arts culture at Tech and throughout the city of Atlanta. In order for Tech to grow and create students ready to solve the problems of the future, the student body must be well versed in many facets, including the arts. Tech needs to shed its stigma of being a campus solely of rigid numbers and embrace a melding of arts and science. There is no place for narrow education in a modern world. The Institute must also work to develop partnerships with other art and cultural establishments in the Atlanta area to create a vibrant intellectual community that spreads throughout the surrounding urban area and attracts talents of all fields.