09/10/10: HOT or NOT

What’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.

Hot: Bulldog take down

While they aren’t the bulldogs most care that much about beating, the win over South Carolina State was a great start to the season for the Jackets. The Jackets should have another easy victory this weekend when they travel up to Kansas to take on a Jayhawk team that lost to North Dakota State last week, 6-3. Still, North Carolina is looming on the horizon for Tech.

Not: Lil’ to thrill

Lil’ Jon fell short of satisfying students in the parking lot of Howey Physics last Thursday. Lil’ Jon, limiting the performance to playing on his laptop, was disappointing, and the venue, of course, was lacking. Still, Lil’ Jon’s brevity was appreciated. Shwayze and Kelley James, however, put on performances worthy of recognition and should be role models for Lil’ Jon.

Hot: Freshly elected

The fall elections are next week, which will allow freshmen to elect four representatives for the second year to represent them in the UHR. There is also an amendment before the student body to amend the SGA constitution to change the arrangement of the prior year account and the capital outlay account. Students should take a minute and exercise their right to vote.

Not: Flare warning

The test of the emergency notification system by Tech last Thursday created quite a confusion when it was sent out to campus stating that there was a solar flare warning. In the future, sticking to a simple “this is a test” warning would suffice, but it is reassuring that if a solar flare does threaten the well being of the Tech campus, we all would be well informed of the situation.