09/05/10: HOT or NOT

What’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.

Hot: Game time

The best part of fall semester begins tomorrow: football season. While the match up should (hopefully) not prove to be that compelling, the Jackets look to use this game to lay a strong foundation to have another conference championship season. It will also be exciting to see the new 3-4 defense being implemented in tangent with the patent Paul Johnson triple-option offense.

Not: Gone, Giddens, gone

Tech will be losing one of its best when Dean of Engineering Don Giddens retires next summer. Besides being an alumnus, he was a founding father of the Biomedical Engineering department, which has risen from infancy to a top-3 program is just over a decade. We thank Giddens for his decades of service to the Institute and wish him well in all his future endeavors.

Hot: Get involved

While some may find people trying to them stuff and get them to join organizations along Skiles walkway annoying, it is also an opportunity for people to get involved. Involvement week is always awkward for the tablers and for the targets of the tabling, but it can also open doors for people to get to find new friends and interest in sometimes antisocial Tech community.

Not: Drinking deluge

The reports that came out this weekend that nine students were arrested for alcohol related incidents are unfortunate. While students have a right to have fun during their later college years, they should do so responsibly and remember what we have all learned in HPS 1040: drinking too much will make you sick; drinking way too much will put in the hospital or worse.