08/26/10: HOT or NOT

What’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.

HOT: Bye bye swamp

The new irrigation systems and grass at the Burger Bowl are a much needed upgrade to one of the most common recreation areas on campus. The selection of the Bermuda grass that is specifically grown for athletic turf should be much more enjoyable than the lovely combination of mud and rocks most students dealt with in their previous years on the playing field.

NOT: Wake up call

While Tech is known for leaving students sleepless, normally a 6:45 a.m. fire alarm is not the traditional method of sleep deprivation. There probably would have been less outrage from residents of North Ave. North had the alarm been set off at 4 a.m. instead, since many students at Tech enjoy the wonders of XBox Live and other online gaming experiences during this period.

HOT: Volleyballin’

Volleyball season kicks off tonight at O’Keefe Gymnasium by AMC. For students who have never attended a volleyball game, O’Keefe is an electric atmosphere on any given weekend. The Jackets look to improve on their successful season in the second year under Head Coach Tonya Johnson, who led the Jackets to the first round of the NCAA tournament.

NOT: Back to old tricks

Some things never change. The Stingers and Trolleys following each other around campus like a caravan, leaving students stranded for long intervals of time hoping to get a ride is one of those things. Here’s a fun game: walk to class while a friend takes the trolley or stinger, and see who gets there first. Of course, spot the bus-taker 10 minutes just to make it fair.