High expectations call for renewed dedication

The Class of 2014 brings with it some of the brightest minds that Tech has ever seen. You all have the most diverse class with the highest test scores to date. With such incredible credentials, it is only fair that you expect great things from your experience here at Tech. As your Student Body President, it is my goal to lead SGA in a manner that meets and exceeds those expectations.

When I think about Tech, I like to say that it is in the business of facilitating greatness. If you need evidence of this, then take a walk down Skiles walkway during lunchtime and ask a random Tech student what he has been involved in or what his life ambitions are.

I can point out a host of students who I interact with on a daily basis who are bound to leave a profound mark on this world. It is for that reason that I ran for this office, and it is for that reason that the scores of students involved with SGA do what they do. They want to provide a learning environment that meets the expectations of their illustrious peers.

This year your SGA will pursue a strategic approach to enhancing the student experience that focuses on a few key areas. They are as follows: academic excellence, community outreach and campus support. Through those avenues, we hope to provide sustainable change to this campus that impacts Jackets for years to come. Now, I know that you are thinking to yourself “What does this mean?” That is why I would like to take a moment to detail a few areas that we are hoping to partner with the administration to address.

Academic Excellence: Let’s face it; we are all here to learn. That is why we have created a new position within that solely focuses on academics. This position will pursue areas such as establishing a Student/ Faculty Rights and Expectations, as well as working with our LEAD program to develop a Leadership minor. We also will be focusing in increasing the number of value-added experiences in the classroom. That goes beyond simply increasing faculty/student interaction, but it allows students to tackle real-world problems and develop solutions.

Community Outreach: Tech has a tremendous impact on the surrounding community. This year, we will seek to leverage that impact to bring sustainable, positive change to our surrounding communities. By building relationships with neighborhood associations and government entities, we provide students with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who live right next door to us. We also position our students as vehicles of positive change in the Atlanta community.

Campus Support: One of the key areas that we intend on improving with those departments that provide integral support to our students is in communication. We aim to provide real-time feedback on initiatives so that departments are able to understand if their resources are focused in the areas that maximize the value added to students.

While we plan to do these things and have every intention to carry them out, we cannot achieve success without your support or involvement. That is why we ask that you be fully engaged and provide us with feedback.

There is a host of ways to get involved with your SGA. You may run for Freshman Representative or join a committee. If that doesn’t suit your needs then you can just come and sit in on one of our meetings that are held every Tuesday at 7:30 in the Flag Building (Rm 117). We want to serve you effectively but need your full participation in order to do so.

When I was a freshman, I recall hearing a very similar call for involvement from the Student Body President of that year. I, as well as hundreds of other students, accepted that call and worked to make this campus a better place to learn.

Now it is your turn to take ownership of your Tech experience and make a difference in this community. If ever I may be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at [email protected] or visit my office. I am here to serve you!

As you embark upon your Tech experience, please make it a goal to have the best time of your life. Tech provides with it a rich experience full of traditions (and opportunities to make your own). So, get involved, learn the traditions and write your very own Tech story. With such a phenomenal group of scholars, I know you will make a difference in this bright community.