Consensus: Steady, controlled change

We welcome all the new students, staff and faculty members to campus and look forward to a productive and eventful year. However, with change, especially to the upper level administration, comes adjustment. The campus community needs to be patient and understanding as adaptations to campus are made, hopefully for the better.

New faces also bring in new ideas and fresh perspectives, which should enhance the community discussion. A vibrant campus conversation is more important now than ever as the Institute will roll out the new strategic plan on Aug. 31. The members of the campus community who have stayed but recently moved to new positions will hopefully be able to better help Tech at their new posts.

While many of the new members of the upper level administration may not work directly with students on a day-to-day basis, the decisions that they make will impact students as the campus leadership continues to move Tech forward. Students should also be consulted and input should be sought when major changes to the institution are made. Tech’s previous methods to success should not be ignored in this process. The school has come quite far in a small amount of time, and failure to retain the Institute’s identity would be tragic and regressive.

The changes made to many positions should also help to foster a new era of efficiency for the Institute. To help ensure that this goal is achieved, the administration needs to clearly articulate the roles these new position entail and inform the campus of these roles.

Now, after beginning the process of transitioning between people in these positions in the administration, an era of continuity would be appreciated. Continuity will allow Tech to build on its solid foundation and continue to make necessary improvements to the Institution for many years to come.