08/20/10: Hot or Not

HOT: Green glory

Tech was named to both the Princeton Review Green Honor Roll and the Sierra Magazine’s Cool 20 for efforts in campus sustainability and promotion of green technology. Such recognition shows that Tech practices what it teaches. Leading the way amongst college campuses when it comes to going green also reenforces Tech’s role as an innovator and a model.

NOT: Remedial report

The McCain-Coburn report shows a lack of understanding and appreciation for the importance of knowledge development. The way the report derides and marginalizes the work and research of the educated is shortsighted. Tech and many other institutions have shown that research can lead to valuable new small businesses that produce jobs and strengthen the economy.

HOT: Rankings repeat

The U.S. News and World Report college rankings were released, and Tech again fared very well. The Institute held its position as the seventh public school and the 35th overall. While these rankings should not define an university, they are a nice yearly reminder that Tech continues to excel as a preeminent institution of higher education and global leader in engineering.

NOT: Construction circus

While dealing with the major projects currently taking over campus is annoying, the lack of completion of some smaller project before the start of fall semester creates a nuisance. In particular, road and sidewalk closings can just push students to the limit, as not being able to get to a place a student does not even want to go to in the first place makes it even worse.