Letters to the Editors

We read with interest the recent letter to the editor regarding conflicts that might arise during the course of graduate research. Resources do exist for advisement and conflict resolution in such circumstances. The Graduate Student Ombuds Office is available to provide graduate students with informal, confidential guidance and advice on how to handle questions, concerns and conflicts that might arise through their graduate studies at Tech.

The Office provides advice and suggestions on how graduate students might seek to resolve their concerns constructively and avoid adversarial processes. If the informal Ombuds process does not resolve the conflict, however, the Office can advise students of the appropriate institutional paths to follow, including filing a formal petition or grievance.

The Office of Student Affairs also offers excellent guidance and counseling available to all students through the Tech Counseling Center and the Dean of Students. Information on both of these campus resources can be found at: www.provost.gatech.edu/units/ombuds/ and www.studentaffairs.gatech.edu. It is of utmost importance for all students to know that they are not alone, and help is always available.

Anthony Baldridge

Graduate Student Body President

W. Russell Callen, Jr.,

Professor Emeritus, ECE

Graduate Student Ombuds