Success requires partnership between SGA, student body

At the core of our school’s rich history are two words: Progress and Service. Founded in 1885, Tech’s purpose was for it to serve as a beacon of hope for a broken South grappling to find its place after the Civil War and rapidly industrializing American economy.

Since then, Tech has taken a very different role and has positioned itself as a global leader in developing the problem solvers of tomorrow. In 1885, we had one degree program. Currently, we have a host of majors that range from Public Policy to Earth and Atmospheric Sciences to Biomedical Engineering. We have an athletics program that is respected throughout the nation and some of the most distinguished faculty members in the country. That’s why I love Tech!

With all of the opportunities that Tech has afforded us, there are still significant areas for improvement. That is why I ran for this office, and it is why today I ask for your help. In order for us to truly enrich our Tech Experience, we need Yellow Jackets from every walk of life to actively participate in Student Government.

This participation could take many forms. It could be in attending a committee meeting, or sitting in on UHR, or applying for the Executive Cabinet. Most importantly, it means engaging in dialogue with us and providing us with feedback so that we know how to best serve you, the students of Tech.

Throughout my campaign, I pledged a Student Government that truly represents the interests of the students. In order for that to happen, we need Representatives who are committed to reaching out to their constituents and to listening to their concerns.

This year, SGA has taken great strides to do just this and it is something that I am very proud of. Nevertheless, we can’t stop there. We simply must continue this progress. If we do, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that we can tackle the issues that serve as constant problems for students such as revamping our registration system, finding a solution to our parking woes and providing our students with a safe learning environment to allow students to thrive.

I look forward to working with the administration to achieve significant progress for the students, but to do so I need for every Yellow Jacket to commit to engaging with the SGA to help change campus for the better and push Tech to achieve more than people ever thought possible.

The coming academic school year will bring us many challenges. We face very uncertain economic and political climates. There are threats of cuts and talks of fee increases still lingering and many other issues that faced students before still remain unresolved and must be tackled.

However, if you the students, commit to actively participating with your SGA we will always commit to representing you. I’m honored to serve as your next Undergraduate Student Body President and look forward to taking this journey with you.