What’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.

The protest on campus last Friday over the way Sodexo treats its workers was a strong reminder the Tech community believes in workers’ rights and the importance of maintaining a Tech community that includes students, faculty and staff. We encourage all members of the Tech community to speak of any injustice that is taking place on campus and work to correct such injustices.

This week gave the Tech community a slightly different type of eduction as Green Week took over the center of campus. Along with teaching students how to recycle and live a more environmentally friendly life, students were showered with freebees that ranged from T-shirts to low-wattage light bulbs, reenforcing the importance of green education.

The home invasion in Home Park and the robbery near the center of campus is again an unsettling reminder of the persistent crime problem that afflicts campus. Sooner or later the small tid-bits from GTPD will not calm the masses, and students will demand, as is our right, stronger and more active crime prevention in and around campus to keep students safe.

The mercury spill on Wednesday evening in the MRDC gave a bit more of a scare than most students need as finals week approaches. The five oz. spill forced the evacuation of the building and forced the Atlanta Fire Department to respond with gas mask and quite the commotion. In general, chemical spills should be avoided, unless they cancel classes.