What’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.

The blitz of cultural events on campus have provided students with everything from tons of food to smiling animals in the center of campus. Night Market was highly successful this year and provided students with a Far East fare on Friday night. Israel Fest of course provided its usual favorite attraction of the year, camels. Earlier, CultureFest gave students a nice reprieve.

Students in the Student Center Commons on Monday during lunchtime got an unusual experience as the fire alarm sounded, lowering the gate between the Commons and the Student Center. The lack of the concern by students and staff in the Commons at the time is quite alarming considering the high potential of problems because of the densely occupied location.

There are some things that make spring so wonderful: flowers blooming, sun shining, Tech dominating, UGA failing. The baseball team picked up its second win over UGA this season on Wednesday stomping the Bulldogs in Athens, 25-6, clinching the yearly series against UGA. Hopefully, the Jackets can keep the momentum going in the final game at Turner Field, Tuesday of dead week.

The suspicious package found in Tech Square on Wednesday morning provided so much unneeded commotion to the normal morning bustle. The package was examined and found devoid of any hazardous materials.