Get out of your dorm; experience college

“I hate this school,” is heard around all campuses around the world. There are always going to be those disgruntled students, even though I hear more students at Tech feel they are notoriously one of the worst schools. “Only at Tech,” is a great example of this type of behavior, and only fostered by the public eye. So why is it that these students feel obligated to share their misfortunes? Is this school really one of the worse schools out there for students?

Students complain about the on-campus transportation, food at Britain or Woodruff, “the shaft,” registration, etc. But are these really determining factors on how your college lifestyle is defined? There are opportunities out there to discover yourself, different cultures and discover important people that may stay with you for the rest of your life. Instead, let the programs, events, and faculty define how you should gauge a good or bad college.

Not all institutes offer study abroad programs, but Tech is part of a list of many that do. In fact, Tech has many partnerships and surprisingly campuses around the world for students to discover. Usually these opportunities are hard to come by, being a personal venture to find a program that would give you both credit for classes and an enriching experience. Tech is an institute that regurgitates its ideals onto you, sometimes without any obvious signs. The accessibility of study abroad information makes this opportunity one of the must do’s. The satellite campuses offer major classes that would not cause you to fall behind.

People may wonder how some students from certain universities receive job offers quicker and with a higher percentage then others. Internships and the co-op program are the answer to these prayers. Nearly three thousand students out of the thirteen thousand undergraduates participate in the co-op program, which is labeled as one of U.S. News and World Report’s “Top Ten” co-op programs in the nation. So why risk a lost opportunity for both the present and the future? Seize the opportunity.

Every campus has student organizations that will fulfill an empty space inside of you. From the culture clubs like the Taiwanese-American Student Association to the more creativity sparking Photography Club, there are many different things that will fill in the voids present after the mundane class life. These are all not exclusive entities that screen for particular individuals but clubs that invite everyone with any interest in their subject matter.

Hopefully, everyone knows the wonders of college sports and college life. It is a must do for anyone. These events foster a sense of school spirit and pride for everyone. Tech has consistently provided teams with nationally ranked programs. What is there not to love about rubbing the glory of a win over other schools. We should be more involved to help support the team as well as create a national presence to promote our school in general.

Too many students do not take advantage of all the Atlanta has to give. Concert venues like the Tabernacle, the Masquerade, Center Stage and the Variety Playhouse bring big names into the city. All these venues are only minutes from campus. Students fail to explore the opportunities to travel to Stone Mountain, Centennial Olympic Park, Amacalola Falls and other tourist spots because they are always there. But why not explore what Ga, and surrounding states can offer? Why not go to these “typical” spots and soak up the beauty of it all?

Parks and recreation are a must do for anyone that lives on or around campus. Piedmont Park is a wonderful place to relax and read a book. Or if you feel inclined, to go play some kickball and other sports. Events such as Dogwood festival, 420 Fest, and the Redbull Soapbox Derby give a unique form of entertainment.

I know that I haven’t taken my own advice, letting three years of my college career slip through my fingers. And while I was upset with my current situation, I learned to Houdini the handcuffs that suppressed the potential of Tech and the surrounding areas.

People should take advantage of their situations, ditch the masquerade and be optimistic about new ventures. I started late, but it is not too late to figure out that you are attending one of the best and diverse technical institutes in the nation. So why not listen to our famous American Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson, “We are always getting ready to live but never living.”