Technique in exceptional hands

The is important. Not just as a student organization, not just as a piece of campus history and not just as a source of Friday entertainment. The is important because it is our job to inform campus, to serve as a voice and a forum for discussion about both the successes and failures of campus groups, the administration and even ourselves. It is our job to inform students of labor rights issues on campus, of horrific crimes, of fantastic events and unfortunately, of actions that we feel were not worthy of us, the Tech student body.

My tenure with the is ending, and it has been my goal to serve as an accurate, diligent and respectful editor. I hope that you, our audience, have been at least satisfied with our work, and if you have not, that you have felt free to critique us. As I leave office it is my great pride to entrust the paper that I love and respect so much to the next editor, a soon-to-be Tech undergraduate alum and Tech graduate student who I know will work tirelessly to serve you, the Tech students; Hahnming Lee.

Hahnming has served this paper for four years, working as our Assistant Sports Editor his freshman year, one of the paper’s most thankless jobs. He is a skilled writer who covered not only the popular revenue sports but also club sports and summer events. He then became the paper’s official Sports editor, producing a fantastic section and learning the ins and out of staff management that are so important to all organizational leaders.

During his third year Hahnming moved over to the little-known but critical business world of the paper, serving as our Advertising Manager in charge of physically building the issue each week and invoicing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of advertising contracts. He also gained critical sales experience working with local businesses and national advertising groups.

This year as Business Manager he has taken on responsibilities never before given to a student editor, working on ad sales contracts for the paper, setting up our classifieds system and maintaining our internal human resources data. He has been a strong voice of reason on consensus issues, never loosing sight of the fact that it is the paper’s responsibility to reflect even the most polarized of issues without marginalizing any campus voice. He has juggled all of his responsibilities flawlessly, all while taking on extra work at the paper as a copy editor, writer and fill-in meeting attendee for me when I was sick.

Hahn, you have been such a blessing not only to this paper, and me but also to the school as a whole through your service so far. I look forward to reading the paper each week next year and watching you further your goals and visions for this great publication.

Congratulations, and welcome to the best job on campus.