Letter to the Editor

A lot of fuss has been made by the school over the potential nickname of the G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Center.

In truth, one cannot simply assign a nickname to a building. A building’s nickname must be earned over the years through the nature of the building. Case in point, The Campanile is regularly known as “The Shaft,” due to its tall shaft-like centerpiece and its embodiment of what Tech does to its student-body. We also have the ThrillerDome (Alexander Memorial Coliseum), the Rusty C (Russ-Chandler Stadium) and of course, The Flats. The College of Computing is known simply as the CoC. Klaus is sometimes referred to as the Super CoC. None of these nicknames was assigned They were coined by popular opinion. It is ridiculous to expect that an administratively assigned nickname would be capable of halting such a force of nature.

However, despite these arguments, I propose the nickname “The G-Spot.” This name incorporates the building’s namesake G. Wayne Clough. The CULC is intended to be a central part of campus and undergraduate life. It is a building that all undergraduates should be interested in locating and visiting as often as possible.

Tom Neuman

Second-year AE