What is HOT and what is NOT at Tech this week.

Jet was announced as the Sting Break band this week. This concert should be a much needed reprieve for students from their studies next Thursday, and a great conclusion to the Sting Break Event. With such hits “Are you gonna be my girl” and “Cold Hard Bitch” Tech students should have plenty of opportunities to humiliate themselves in front of their friends trying to sing.

Head basketball coach Paul Hewitt’s brief tango with St. Johns over the break is disappointing but understandable. Hopefully, this brief stint of potential departure will not hinder his perception with players, fans or recruits as his tenure continues. If nothing else this could be a great time for the Tech fan base to rally around coach Hewitt and the team.

With Patrick Whaley winning the second annual InVenture Prize competition for his Omega Wear, another successful year of the competition comes to end. It is highly laudable that this event garnered such a high amount of publicity from local considering the still relative infancy of the event. Hopefully, such success continues in the future and continues to open doors for Tech students.

Rarely do people get the opportunity to blow something up,and when an opportunity arises, they should not be missed. Tech missed such an opportunity with Burge Apartments. The administration could have made an event of the destruction, allowing students to pack lunch, camp out on Tech Green and watch the grand implosion with their other nerdy friends who never get out.