Consensus: Reasonably fair tax

The proposed Student Activity Fee (SAF) increase is sensible. The fee has not been increased in two years and neither have there been any adjustments for such aspects as inflation in that time period. The fee increase is small enough that it will not to be a burden to most, if not all, students.

It is also important that student organizations are able to continue to function properly even in these times of financial woes. Student organizations provide an invaluable social and communal outlet to students, without which Tech would lose much of its identity. The recession has drastically decreased the abilities of organizations to fundraise off campus, further increasing the burden placed on SGA.

The slight increase in the SAF will ensure the viability of these organizations going forward. Already major cuts to organization budgets, such as IFC and Scuba Tech, while understandable, have been substantial The impact of these cuts needs to be reduced as much as possible, and the best manner will be SAF increases.

It may seem strange to increase any fees during this time, but if there is a major increase in tuition, that may, unfortunately, drive students away from Tech, causing a decrease in enrollment and a decrease in the amount of revenue to the student activity fee.

As budget season continues to move along, SGA must continue to be responsible with its funds when allocating to student organizations. UHR is taking the correct approach by budgeting assuming that the projection the increase in the mandatory student fee will not be approved. Making the necessary cuts now will prevent the possibility of budget crisis arising in the fall if the fee is not increased. Conservative budgeting is also not a sign that fee increase is not needed, rather it shows an understanding of the situation.