Hot or Not

I Love GT Week was unleashed upon campus perking the spirits of students, and reminding everybody why we all love to sometimes love Tech. These pleasant reminders of our school pride are helping many students get through the spring crunch. After all, there is nothing students love more than free T-shirts and free food, except maybe their beloved school… maybe.

The movement of the provocative and graphic pro-life protesters into the Student Center was an unhappy mid-week intrusion. While the protesters have a right to express their beliefs on the issue, their methods are only polarizing and are counterproductive to constructive debate. There are enough weird people at Tech; hopefully, these protesters can find someone else to annoy.

Taking Back the Night was again a sobering and effective reminder of the persistence of violence against women. The only way an end to such violence can be achieved is through education of both women and men. It is reassuring that so many students turned out for the event again this year, and future growth and awareness will prove to be invaluable to campus.

A giant, steam-spewing abyss, seemingly large and deep enough to go all the way to China, has appeared next to the Ferst Center making the commute to the western part of campus or Howey from the center of campus more difficult. The smell of the hot steam is also putrid, which raises the not-so-pleasant question: “what is in the water at Tech?”.