What is HOT and what is NOT at Tech this week.

Georgia Tech Lorraine celebrating its twentieth anniversary is a proud milestone for campus, since GTL was the Institute’s first international campus. GTL speaks volumes about Tech’s commitment to creating an international perspective for all students at the Institute. Tech’s desire to truly be an internationally renowned institute is made evident by GTL.

Tech’s men’s basketball team picked up its eighth loss in conference at Clemson. The seemingly endless downward spiral of the Jackets this season has left Tech as a bubble team for the NCAA Tournament. The Jackets will probably need a win against Virginia Tech on Saturday to clinch a tournament berth, and give Tech some momentum going into the ACC Tournament.

After nearly two years of waiting, three finalists have been named for the CoC Deanship. Regardless of the apparent lack of haste in the search process, all three candidates are exceptional choices, and the candidates’ impressive resumes reenforces the prominence of the CoC and the Institute as a whole in the eyes of professional across the nation and the globe.

The string of accidents, errors and malfunctions in the Bunger-Henry Building over the past week could put the best anti-Murphy’s Law arguers down. Hopefully, the researcher in the Hydrofluoric Acid accident will be able to return to the lab as soon as possible, and hopefully other researchers will be more vigilant in the future and not fill up the crime reports section.