Consensus: Weathering the storm

While the budget cut will have dramatic effects on Tech, the administration’s apparent decision to attempt to keep the cuts localized should help minimize longer effects. Other universities in the state are closing academic departments, eliminating majors and damaging the very core of their institutes. Tech’s administration seems to have found a way, for the most part, to keep all essentials afloat by taking a downsizing approach as opposed to an elimination approach. Hopefully, this decision will allow these changes to far more reversible than the alternative.

This is not to say that the cuts should be taken lightly or disregarded; the situation is serious. Losing over 400 staff and faculty could potentially greatly hinder the operations of the institute and will severely impact members of the Tech community.

It is important though that the Institute attempts to harness all the resources available to it to mitigate the negative effects of the cuts. On campus, Tech must put to use its innovative spirit to make sure all operations are as efficient as possible by streamlining operations and cutting pork throughout the institute. Off campus, Tech should reach out to friends of the institute during this time of need. While it is naïve to believe that many friends of the Institute are not in similar dire financial straits, such potential opportunities should not be completely written off with out consideration.

It is also important that students be mindful and understanding of the situation, yet active in the ongoing process. Students must ensure their voices are heard and understood and not swept away in the budget chaos. But being realistic is also paramount to weathering the storm. The budget cuts are imminent, and students need to realize this. Tech is adapting to this situation, and students must as well.