What is HOT and what is NOT at Tech this week.

Ground (or a wall) was broken to mark the official beginning of construction of the new Waffle House at Tech Square. While it was the hope that it would have already been open, better late than never. The only question left is will a place that serves breakfast food 24/7 for a very affordable price, that drunk people gravitate to in droves be viable on a college campus.

The failure of the current limiting system turned the lights out across campus Tuesday morning. Academic and administrative buildings were able to switch to the back up systems, crushing hopes that professors would cancel class. And some West Campus dorms remained in the dark for over an hour, hindering what little enjoyment that can be found on a Tuesday morning.

Karen Handle’s visit to campus marks the second candidate running in this year’s Gubernatorial race. Such speakers give students a chance to engage in the political discourse that centers around them. It would be appreciated to also have members of the Democratic Party come talk to campus to ensure that both sides of issues in our state are presented.

The recent unraveling of the men’s basketball comes as a blow during a season which has such high hopes and expectations. The loss at Duke was understandable, but the near calamity at AMC against N.C. State, followed by the poor showing at Miami on Wednesday night, have left Tech fans reeling, wondering when the seeming free fall will finally reach bottom.