Hot or Not

What is HOT and what is NOT at Tech this week.

The success of the blood drive at the Student Center show that the Tech community cares about people outside our immediate surroundings. With the ongoing military conflicts, the catastrophic natural disaster and the constant need from hospitals, it is more important now than ever for people to open up their heats, and veins, to help others in need.

Head Coach Paul Johnson brought in his third recruiting class to Tech on Wednesday Feb. 3. With four four-star recruits coming in, all on the defensive side of the ball, the young influx of talent should pay dividends for years to come. With a total of 18 recruits, the football program is continuing to improve its off-field performance to build upon its on-field success.

The new report about the gas leak in Bobby Dodd Stadium coming just a week after problems with the fire alarm system were reported heightens the need to ensure that the beloved facility is in proper order. It does not take an expert in combustion to figure out that the coupling a natural gas leak with faulty fire alarms will most likely lead to an inflammatory problem.

The premature evacuation of WingNuts and the delayed opening of the Waffle House at Tech Square will leave students with a dearth of late night dining options. Losing the world of wacky and insane wings without gaining the smothered, covered and chunked world could force students to go off campus late at night to satisfy their late night hunger.