Hot or Not

What is HOT and what is NOT at Tech this week.

Director of GTRI Steve Cross’s appointment by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to be a member of the Defense Science Board strengths Tech’s national reputation as a leader in science and technology. As Tech continues to grow, it must be a priority for the Institute that students and faculty continue to excel on a national and international level; Cross’s appointment affirms this goal.

Apparently a functional fire alarm system has not been included on Athletic Associations list of improvements to Bobby Dodd Stadium, as the current faulty system has been going off like Paul Johnson on a referee for calling a chop block. While $8 million video boards are nice, making sure the rest of the stadium does not go up in flames should take priority in the future.

The Old Civil Engineering Building’s LEED Gold Certification is a culmination of over four years of innovation and design and construction. The Institute placing priority on developing and redeveloping building in environmentally friendly fashions shows Tech’s commitment to being a conscientious and responsible member of the larger community.

Just as Tech fans thought they had finally put Chan Gaily behind them, he has returned to shark the Jackets Recruiting Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach Giff Smith for his staff at the Buffalo Bills. Smith has been a valuable member of the Tech staff since 2004, and since then he has helped to shepherd in some of the best recruiting classes in Tech history.