What is HOT and what is NOT on campus this week.

Nobel Laureate Sir Harry Kroto spoke in the Ferst Center to students on his achievements in the field of nanotechnology. Usually these types of lectures are informative and interesting to those in the field, but Kroto was also funny and focused on such a broad range of topics that anyone could relate to the subject. Everyone could appreciate the prestigious but relatable speaker.

Around 1 p.m. Wednesday, hundreds of dollars appeared on random students buzzcards. While this was initially exciting for those who took it upon themselves to have a Barnes and Noble shopping spree, funds were later removed leaving students in deficit for temporary fun. While maybe they should have seen that coming, it’s still a bummer to pay for Tech’s mistake.

SGA has taken a stand on an issue that students are passionate about: Wingnuts. Upon hearing that students would no longer have Wingnuts on campus to acquire a free half-pound of boneless wings on Wednesdays, an outcry was made. SGA has responded by creating a website for students to air their greivences and let the Institute see we are upset. Kudos on free speech expansion.

As if football seating weren’t confusing and frustrating enough already, there is yet another new policy for this week’s game against Wake Forest. Now students will only be allowed to enter seats via certain section breezeways and exit through others. While taking a bathroom break will become more of an adventure, we predict traveling out of the way to exit the correct door will cause inevitable chaos.