What’s hot and what’s not around Tech.

The volleyball team just held their annual Dig for the Cure game. During the game, each dive for the ball (or dig) is worth a certain amount of money towards a donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation. This year the team made a total of over $1500 from their 76 digs. The team also hopes to make more money by selling autographed jerseys. Way to support a good cause!

Even though we are in the midst of flu season and swine flu cases continue to be on the rise, GT Dining insists on continuing to use the communal stacks of trays and plates, as well as communal canisters of silverware. It’s bad enough that we have to dodge people coughing on Skiles but now the germs are collecting throughout the day as people touch the dishes.

Skiles was graced by a colorful door and an arc of balloons to celebrate Coming Out Week by the Pride Alliance. The week included a series of events to support LGBTQ students and issues and let allies on campus stand up for the cause. We are glad that the campus can show their support, and we can’t help but love anything that brightens the drab walk along Skiles.

We were all concerned to hear that a chemical reaction in the basement of the college of computing created toxic gases sending two people to the hospital. While neither suffered any real hurt, any hospital visit is less than fun. Freshman chemistry lab is stressful enough as a GPA killer, but now we apparently have to worry that the chemicals in the lab can hurt us.