Hot or Not

What’s hot and not around campus.

Tech had what will inevitably turn out to be a legendary Homecoming victory last weekend against VT. Not only did we beat a top five team at home for the first time in five years, but we managed to do it in the presence of all the alumni in town for homecoming, and we used the opportunity to fulfill the Tech tradition of taking down the goalposts in our excitement.

T-square downtime has yet again plagued the lives of students this week. While it is always frustrating when T-Square decides not to work, now that it is midterm season, it causes altogether panic across the student population. While the occasional hour or two of outage is understood, days of T-Square failure is completely unacceptable on all fronts.

For Tech students who depend on the Trolley to get groceries, it was always a point of frustration that the closest stop was at the MARTA, even though the route passes right by Publix. Needless to say, much celebration followed the announcement that a stop will added at Publix. Now we will only have to drag our groceries to the curb instead of all the way down the block.

While we are all for tradition, it is never fun when people get injured and trampled in the process. With thousands of industrial engineers in the mob, we should have at least been able to carry off lowering goalposts and creating a flow of activity out of the stadium without injuring students in the process. We hope that everyone who was a casualty statistic recovers quickly.