Hot or Not

What’s hot and not around campus.

The American Red Cross recently announced that Tech was the university that provided the most blood to their blood bank for the past fiscal year. While perhaps this is just annother indication that Tech students are used to not just mental but also physical sacrifices here, it is good to see that Tech students are doing their part to contribute to a worthy cause.

Every Tech student gets a little thrill of excitement when the football game against UGA approaches, a break before finals, making Dan Radacovich’s consideration of relocating the game to the season opener at the Georgia Dome blasphemous. Plus, if the game moved to the opening of the season, fans nation wide would be deprived of Thanksgiving entertainment.

Any football win is great, but this past weekend’s victory was particularly sweet. With four touchdowns and one amazing steal after a fumble, Nesbitt shone as the game’s star during the exciting defeat of Florida State which ended our pattern of losses to them. The game was our first ever win at Bobby Bowden field at Doak Campbell stadium, plus, it’s always great to beat the guys who beat your only victorious opponent.

Every year around this time the free speech zone between the Campanile and Drama Tech is rented out and our airspace is polluted by the protesters with the “homo sex is sin” signs. While we agree that everyone has the right to their opinions, the extremist, judgmental, yelling style doesn’t inform anyone; it just annoys and offends students trying to get to class or enjoy the Campanile.