Consensus Opinion: Wreck relocation

It is disappointing to hear that the Ramblin’ Wreck is still without a new home. While we understand that the Athletic Association needs the space to complete renovations, they should do everything within their power to find other storage options.

The administration at large should have a greater sense of urgency about working out a location for the Wreck to be stored in the future. Currently, the issue is not being sufficiently addressed. It is absurd that the campus does not have a more permanent location to store and take care of our mascot. If we can find space for other student organizations like GT Motorsports to have garages on campus, surely the Wreck has a place.

We understand that the responsibility of taking care of the Wreck is entrusted to the Ramblin’ Reck Club, but the added problem of having no space to do so is a bit much to expect of a student organization. Although the AA did give the Reck Club two years to find a new place to park the Wreck, this period of time is still short, especially with the amount of inevitable turnover within student organizations. Without the cooperation of the institute, the Reck Club will not be able to keep the Wreck on campus. This is unacceptable. Tech should put a large priority on finding a new place to keep the most important piece of machinery and tradition at Tech.

The Wreck deserves to stay on campus. Tech should do whatever it must to address this problem and give the Wreck a place to stay.