What’s hot and not on campus this week.

After many years of planning and construction, the new GT challenge course had its grand opening this week. Tech celebs like Dr. Peterson and Buzz had a chance to fly down the zip-line and test their leadership skills. The course will be open to student groups, classes and non-campus groups, but the truly hot thing is the steeply discounted rates for student groups.

The recession may be winding down, but hiring for new graduates and interns doesn’t seem to be picking up if the recent Career Fair is any indicator. The event, held at the CRC, was full of employers who had been willing to pay the registration fee earlier this year, but very few seemed willing to schedule interviews or even accept resumes in person now.

The Clemson game last Thursday was a sea of blinding white from the fantastic first quarter all the way down to the nail-biting fourth. The Reck Club and SGA managed to hand out thousands of shirts and motivate the alumni base to participate this year. The Tech spirit was so infectious that even the ushers wanted to participate as they patrolled the student sections in their crisp white polos.

This past weekend’s Connect with Tech students got a distorted picture of Britain dining hall’s popularity. A pipe burst in the Woodruff dining hall Sunday afternoon. The pipe forced dining services out of Woody’s, so all meal-plan participants had to eat at the student center or Britain, over-crowding both dining halls beyond their normal capacity and presenting a slightly disorganized front to recruits.