Consensus Opinion: Megamod improvement

While we are excited to see modifications to the megamod policy finally enacted, there are still ways that the megamods could be improved. Since megamods will now only be sent out once a week on Mondays, the emails have the potential to grow to ridiculous lengths. We hope that the Dean will have the foresight to imitate twitter and have a character (or at least word) limit.

If we are not careful, the megamods will be so long that no one will attempt to read them, which would defeat the megamod purpose of disseminating information. In order to help prevent this, the layout of megamods should be as readable as possible. There needs to be a clear delineation between entries so they do not blend together. The entries should have parallel structure with only plain text and not images.

Perhaps most importantly, all announcements on the megamods should be content rich and straight to the point. It is not necessary to announce your event with seven exclamation points and three colors. You can editorialize your announcement in other avenues, like chalking. Just give the basics and a link to a website with more details.

We are also disappointed that the opt in-opt out policy was overturned by SGA last Spring. We liked the idea of being able to filter topics and receive a customized megamod.

Students would be more likely to read the important announcements on megamods if they knew that announcements about organizations they are not interested in hearing from could be opted out of. By allowing students to choose what megamods come their way, Tech would provide students a sense of control over their inboxes.

Now that this megamod policy is in place, we hope that this policy will be permanent for the immediate future. If the policy is constantly updated, we will never know if the students are satisfied by the current policy.

If the policy is not given a fair chance, it will feel as though promises are being made and then taken away. We hope that with this policy, this is not the case.

The Consensus Opinion reflects the majority opinion of the Editorial Board of the Technique, but not necessarily the opinions of individual editors.