What’s hot and not around campus.

The blood drive not only saved lives this week, but students got the extra treat of meeting the cast for the new CW vampire show, Vampire Diaries. The stars of the cast came out and took pictures with donors and talked to students. The visit helped gather attention for a good cause. As an extra bonus, the event put a new spin on a vampire’s love for blood.

There’s nothing better than waking up for an 8 a.m. class than walking into a shower at 7:30 that isn’t working correctly. Though housing is working at fixing the problem, the unpredictable heat to showers in North Avenue Apartments showed students that low-flow shower heads could in fact get worse. Fortunately, hot water occasionally works so students have yet to skip out entirely.

Seth Meyers and John Oliver made nerd mocking at Tech fun again in Friday night’s show. Meyers’ jokes mocked all sorts of aspects of college life and felt like enjoying a good inside joke. Oliver appealed to the more intellectual side of the audience, using world events and American politics as punch lines. Added plus: we finally all learned who is the voice behind the Geico gecko.

While the incoming class may not know the difference, upperclassmen have had a difficult time scrounging the money and figuring out the new online system to obtain tickets to a student’s favorite pastime: football. Though SGA did its best, the process still required some considerable effort in the attempt to cheer on Tech. At least we already beat UGA last year without the “improved” ticket process.