What’s hot and what’s not around campus.

Late-night dining on campus will be getting some intense competition this spring when the No. 1 seller of T-bone steaks joins Tech Square, replacing American Apparel. The outdoor seating, take-out menu and Wi-Fi lounge should give this WaHo an edge up on its late-night competition, and the endless cups of coffee should give all-night studiers a similar edge.

Between OSCAR, Buzzport, T-Square, Zimbra and the new ticketing system, the class of 2013 got a quick introduction into the horrors of Tech online portals. Registration, football, syllabi and even email were down at some point between last Friday and Wednesday, fulfilling early-on the joke and prophecy that we are the “technical school with bad technology.”

Those students lucky enough to get a seat on the Campanile between jam-packed classes and the small sorority take-over might have noticed that the Campanile fountain has been refilled. The fountain even erupts every few minutes in an arch-like warning to students who would dare wander into the water or towards the shaft itself.

Like most people, Tech students respond only so well to threats, which most likely explains the rosy welcome to the news that the “temporary” “academic excellence” fee with zero oversight an zero limitations may be increased to $250 per semester in the spring. On the upside, now we all know exactly what we will get to do with any Christmas presents.