In response to the recent spike in crime in off-campus neighborhoods, the Stingerette’s route has been extended to take students directly to their homes in Home Park and in Centennial Place for the rest of the summer. Hopefully, this will make students safer on the way back from long hours slaving at the library. We also hope that something similar can be put in place for the fall to ensure continued safety.

A part of the parking deck of the Centergy building in Tech Square collapsed, crushing four levels of cars. No one was hurt, but the cars were unrecoverable in that section, while the others could not even recover their intact cars immediately for fear of collapsing another part of the deck. There is a vague fear of the demise of other parking decks in the area as now this contractor’s bridge and deck have fallen.

Muhtar Kent, President and CEO of the Coca-Cola Company, has been selected as the speaker this December for the engineering ceremony and Admiral Truely, Air Force research pilot and Tech grad (AE ’59) has been selected for the non-engineering graduates.Both are prestigious additions to our ceremonies and all graduates have yet another reason to look forward to graduation.

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to be caught at the traffic light at Atlantic and Ferst, you know how long you can waste time and watch nothing happen. Since Atlantic is now closed off from both directions, no one is turning either left or right there, but rather simply stopping to enjoy the weather. Perhaps the little traffic on Atlantic deserves only a stop sign to save time.