Consensus Opinion: Crime still a concern

Crime around Tech has been the topic of discussion for students for the past month and deserves still more attention than it is being given. While we appreciate that the student reaction so quickly sparked the extension of the Stingerette service from campus to door of off-campus housing in Home Park and Centennial Place, this is not enough to make students safe.

In the recent town hall meeting held by College Democrats, some students left feeling as though the only advice given was not to walk at night anywhere. This advice, while sound, does not address the practical needs of students. Students must be able to get home after studying at night. For now, the extended Stingerette service helps students to protect themselves, but what will happen in the fall?

Student initiatives, such as a town hall meeting addressing crime held by the College Democrats are a clear demonstration of student activism, and the administration and Atlanta PD should respond in kind.

Beyond emails, the administration itself has yet to reach out to students to help them feel safer. We applaud students for trying to make their voices heard on this issue, but now Tech needs to step up and answer. For once, students are willing to take action, interested and concerned about crime. Tech, GTPD and Atlanta police should take this opportunity to tell students about crime prevention.

It would be great to find a way to make the extension of Stingerette services permanent and financially feasible. Perhaps Tech could extend a bus route off campus, much like the green route. However, there would have to be some way for students to be safe at the bus stops while they wait. If Tech students can come up with Waitless on their own, though, surely a notification system for the buses can be created to do the same.