The new Dunkin Donuts will open soon in place of the Chilly Beans Coffee Shop in the student center cafeteria. Now not only can students easily access a sugary and highly caffeinated breakfast on the way to class, but will be able to gorge themselves after failing a Calc exam. We can only imagine the extra pounds that this addition to campus will bring.

Students were frustrated a few weeks ago, when during the middle of the Slumdog Millionaire showing, the movie froze and then skipped forward about 30 minutes. Rather than go back and play the missing scenes, the movie just continued showing from the later scene on. Anyone who had not seen the movie before that night missed enough to not understand the plot.

After seemingly endless months of being detoured from the 10th exit, the brand new ramp is open for use. Hopefully the lack of construction and new pathway for cars will disperse some of the traffic that plagues the area. Now drivers can enjoy the break before the new construction project that will inevitably change the flow of traffic on 75.

Between on student contracting swine flu on campus here, 4 students catching it on study abroad, and 14 being “detained” for swine flu in Singapore, Tech is still experiencing the pains of this overly hyped disease. Everyone will be relieved when the media frenzy of swine flu dies down and we can go back to worrying about exams.