The yearly showings of Flicks on Fifth have started for the summer. Even though a free movie outside is always fun, this year’s selection looks to be better than ever. With showings of Quantum of Solace and Slumdog Millionaire, Flicks on Fifth is sure to draw a crowd. As an extra plus, there is going to be free popcorn and specials from surrounding restaurants.

Former Tech student Syed Haris Ahmed was found guilty of conspiring to provide material to support terrorism. Not only is it unfortunate to hear about someone found guilty of supporting terrorism here in Atlanta, it is even worse to hear Tech’s name constantly dragged in the mud in association with it. We wish that the media would stop associating his actions with our university.

Four Tech ME graduate students recently placed first in the 2009 Design for Direct Digital Manufacturing Student Competition. Their customized golf clubs with integrated sensors not only grabbed the attention of the judges, but business people. The award-winning four hope to commercially manufacture the clubs and ensure better golfing experiences.

A poor showing in the regionals was disappointing for all fans who were watching baseball this season. In particular, the five errors against Southern Mississippi that caused us to lose 10 to 7 and the final loss 12 to 8 that clinched the season’s disappointments. We hope that next season will have a brighter showing so that Tech fans will have better games to watch.