Our views: Hot or Not

“b”Hot: Waterhaven opens“/b”

The new Waterhaven restaurant opened in Tech square in the old Globe location. The classic American cuisine and full bar went over well with those who have tried it. Although the prices are a little high for a stop between classes, Waterhaven should be a great date location for Tech students, since it is close enough to walk and has an intimate atmosphere and good food.

“b”Not: Campus crime“/b”

It is scary that there has been yet more crime around campus, especially since this time a Tech student was shot. The shooting of a Tech Student at Tivoli Tenth Side in his building between the parking deck and the apartment itself shocked the Tech community. We hope that his rib heals well and that GTPD can quickly find the person responsible and bring the shootings to justice.

“b”Hot: Rosser moves up“/b”

Former Dean of Ivan Allen College, Sue Rosser has been offered the position of provost at San Francisco State University and will be leaving Tech. While we will miss her presence here, we are happy to see her offered the prestigious position of Provost somewhere else. We wish her the best with her future position there, and hope that the new Dean will live up to her legacy.

“b”Not: Baseball loses to UGA“/b”

Losing to UGA is always painful, but especially so in our territory. The Tech baseball team played UGA at Turner Field and lost 7-5. Even though Turner Field isn’t technically on campus, losing in Atlanta adds insult to the great injury of a UGA win. This loss break our record of wins against UGA. Hopefully it won’t set a pattern for the future of sports against UGA.