Hot or Not

Hot: Open Skiles

They say it’s the small things in life that count. Being able to walk straight through Skiles Walkway rather than snake through the detour path has definitely made this week a little better. Sure, part of the walkway is still obstructed and the construction equipment and fences makes for an ugly sight, but it’s Tech. We should be used to the sight of construction by now, right?

Not: Ticket Masters

Though SGA’s approval of an online football ticketing system offers hope, some of the details remain fuzzy, raising new issues of how block seating will be handled or how attendees will only be allowed to enter games once with their Buzzcards. Plus, at a school with limited school spirit, do we really want to trade the tradition of camping out with friends for a website?

Hot: Home runs

The Yellow Jackets beat our two in-state rivals this week, with clear wins against UGA (the number one ranked team in the nation, which lost to us again on their own turf) and neighboring GSU. The victories will be good for the post-season, helping the team’s chances of getting a better seed in the College World Series. And no, beating the Dawgs never gets old.

Not: Noise policies

Housing made a step in the right direction by offering select residents of the North Avenue Apartments partial reimbursements following the noise and inconvenience of the brick repair work. But some students who were not eligible for reimbursement were just as affected by the constant drilling. If funds are short, then bringing a faster end to the project would go a long way.