Our Views: Hot or Not

HOT: Election outcomes

SGA elections are one step closer to wrapping up, with two candidates—Kristie Champlin and Alina Staskevicius—moving on to the runoff next week. While total turnout remained low, about 700 more students performed their civic duty this year as compared to last. Greater certainty about next year’s leadership—and not being bombarded with fliers—is always good.

NOT: Drought drags on

The good news is that the drought is technically over in Georgia thanks to a really wet month of March. The bad news is that the Lake Lanier Basin, on which most of metro Atlanta depends for water, is not. Climatologists say we should all continue to practice water conservation into the hot summer months coming up. So long green lawns and sparkling pools?

HOT: Tennis love

Women’s tennis has carried an impressive winning streak, with seven straight wins to celebrate this season. The streak began March 21 with a win over number 20 ranked Virginia and continued through Sunday’s Senior Day against Maryland. The team is now ranked sixth in the nation and tied for second place in the ACC. Just one more reason to be proud to be a Yellow Jacket.

NOT: Never-ending story

Construction at the North Avenue Apartments has persisted months past the projected end date at the end of 2008. Offering residents ear plugs is, unfortunately, not enough to help the loud, early-morning hammering that continues to wake sleepy students. We know construction will never end at Tech, but at least this one project should have reached its end by now.