Our Views: Hot or Not


HOT: InVenture finals

Monday will be the InVenture Prize final competition. Tech will host such distinguished judges as Pete Petit, Steve Dickerson and Chris Klaus. The competition has been an intriguing highlight of Tech’s most promising student inventors. The winners will have the opportunity to take a trip to Hong Kong for international competition is a worthy prize for their efforts.

NOT: “Gold” depreciates

Amidst a dwindling state budget Tech was dealt yet another blow. The Tech endowment announced that it lost 22% of its value due to depreciated assets, totaling over 200 million dollars lost. This will limit the amount of money available for student organizations and scholarships. Apparently the only “old gold” campus had invested in was on the uniforms.

HOT: Summer school

Summer registration started this week with more classes than ever. With summer job prospects hard to come by, the more extensive class options available will give many Tech students a viable summer opportunity to work more quickly towards a degree and the search for a permanent job. Wait…

NOT: Crime wave

Over the past two weeks campus saw five armed robberies as well as a violent attack. The armed robberies were committed at gunpoint, attacking both automobiles and individuals. GTPD has been working to deter these crimes, but as weather warms up criminals are more encouraged to brave the cool Atlanta nights.