Construction Communication

The construction on for the new Clough Undergraduate Learning Center expanded this week, spilling outside of the library parking lot and engulfing Skiles walkway with torn up pavement and green fencing. This new construction has forced students to reroute their paths between East and West campus, following only the notifications of small green signs stating “detour”.

This construction is evidently due to delays installing the underground utilities for the new center, which were originally expected to finish during spring break. While it is understandable that construction delays happen, especially in the face of soggy spring weather, the fact that the main artery of campus pedestrian flow was closed without so much as a poster board is inexcusable.

The facilities apartment was made aware of the delays in the utilities work early last week, yet did not take any steps to send out emails to the student body, despite many venues to do so through. Every day we students receive emails informing us of cultural events, lecture speakers and even parking changes. The construction projects on North Ave. have update emails sent out to the students affected, as well as a website with thorough explanations of exactly what is happening when and why.

There was even an email sent out Wednesday evening about construction, with no mention as to the origin or length of the disturbance to pedestrian traffic in the center of campus.

It is the responsibility of campus administrators to communicate crucial information, and the lack of notification to the students about this blockage represents a failure for both the facilities department and the new communication systems put in place. This breakdown in the flow of information must be remedied if administrators want students to feel included in campus development.