YOUR VIEWS Letters to the Editor

Serve Tech through student government

With elections packets to run for SGA office due next Thursday, I urge the undergraduate community to consider serving their fellow students through SGA next year. As Georgia Tech students, we are privileged to enjoy a tremendous amount of respect from administrators and our Student Government Association is accordingly entrusted with great responsibilities.

Did you know that members of SGA advocate for student concerns to campus administrators on a daily basis? That we have members on every Institute Wide Committee? Or that our student legislature controls the complete allocation—all $4.2 million—of our Student Activity Fee? These are just a few of the ways students have an influence on the happenings on our campus.

You can have a tremendous impact through Student Government, and we need capable and hard-working students to step up and take on these leadership roles. SGA is currently accepting candidate applications for the Class and Major Representative seats, and for the positions of Student Body President and Executive Vice President.

Immediately after the campus-wide elections, you can apply to be on the Executive Board, or you can join one of the committees at any time throughout the year. By serving in these roles, not only will you directly affect campus events and policies, but you will learn more about your fellow students, your Institute and your own abilities. SGA is made stronger by drawing from the unique and diverse talents of our community, and for every one of you who volunteers their abilities, our student body is more empowered.

If serving in government is not your style, you still have the opportunity to have an impact with your vote. Campaigning and voting will take place after Spring Break, and I hope every reader will take the time to make an informed choice for their elected representatives.

Finally, the SGA Office is open every day, and you are always welcome to stop by and talk to us about a position you’re interested in or any concerns that you have. We have had an amazing team of students working for you this year, and I hope that you will join with us in making next year’s SGA even stronger!

Kaitlyn Frazier

Executive Vice President, Student Government Association