Our Views: Hot or Not

HOT: March WAMmy

At a school where women are a noticeable minority, Women’s Awareness Month is a refreshing opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements while also bringing to light the challenges they face. From Take Back the Night to the Vagina Monologues, this month’s events offer a fun opportunity to bring together the campus community for a good cause.

NOT: No snow day

Having a winter wonderland take the South by surprise only weeks before the beginning of spring was nice, but the exact timing was not. As the “snow storm” swept through on Sunday, we all held our breaths hoping in vain that Tech would for once cancel classes. To make matters worse, neighboring schools like UGA did decide to give their students the day off.

HOT: Top Professor

For the fourth year in a row, Tech is home to a professor receiving the Sloan Fellowship Award, which recognizes the best new scholars in the sciences. Though Tech competes heavily with other schools like MIT for the cream of the scientific crop, the awards are a signal of Tech’s high standing in the scientific community.

NOT: March madness

With 13 conference losses to match two wins, men’s basketball has definitely secured its place as the last-ranked team in the ACC. To add insult to injury, the ACC tournament will be held this month at the Georgia Dome. The disappointing season is giving a whole new definition to the idea of March Madness.