Our Views: Hot or Not

HOT: “Wiki” Friday

It may not be the spookiest way to spend Friday the 13th, but the visit to Tech today by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is still a really interesting event worth attending. There’s no better host for Wales than a place where thousands of students have all come to rely on “the free encyclopedia” in our everyday lives (though not for school assignments and research, of course).

NOT: Losing HOPE?

Starting this summer, even those students who continue to receive the HOPE scholarship may lose hope in the program. If lottery revenues fail to meet targets, the textbook scholarship component will be dropped. As it was, the extra $300 were mostly going towrads covering mandatory fees. Will the recently approved bailout also cover our fees and textbooks?

HOT: Pass/fail gets an A

We wonder how many GPAs would have been saved if students were allowed to change classes to pass/fail after the first week. Starting this summer, students will be given this option, taking away some of the stress over grades and turning the focus to learning. On the downside, this will limit our ability to complain.

NOT: Stamp act

Scholarship funds are going down at the same time that stamp prices are going up— yet again. The price of stamps will be increasing by two cents starting May 11. Sure, it may only add up to $3 a year, but any hike in prices during these tough times is bad news. If only everything could be done online…