OUR VIEWS: Hot or Not

Food monopoly

The new policy requiring that all Tech food orders over $200 be catered by Sodexho is overreaching and unnecessary, limiting financial and cultural choices for student groups and organizations. Telling students what to eat and for how much goes against the interests of students. At this point, boycotting Sodexho seems like the only choice still available to the hungry and disgruntled.

Jobless prospects

Following about 2.6 million job cuts in 2008, the job market for students graduating this spring is looking scarier by the day. This week Caterpillar, Home Depot, Sprint Nextel and General Motors joined the long list of companies laying off workers by the thousands. Maybe it’s not too late to apply to graduate school or join the Peace Corps. Anything beats unemployment.

Icy victory

Tech’s hockey team successfully continued the streak of wins over Georgia, beating the Ice Dogs two weekends in a row and further establishing the clear winner of this year’s favorite rivalry. Given the growing list of basketball losses, we’ll revel in any wins we can get.

Open channels

The vice-chancellor of academic affairs’ visits to Tech and UGA are a refreshing gesture following the mandatory fee increase’s cloudy communication. Tech students were finally given an open channel to bring up concerns specific to us. Is that our voice being heard in decision-making?