Hot or Not

HOT: Making history

This week’s Inauguration marked an extraordinary moment in our nation’s young history, sending a much-needed jolt of invigoration throughout the country. About 1.5 million people flooded the streets of Washington D.C. to celebrate the swearing in of the country’s first black president. No matter who you voted for last November, why not take this week to celebrate?

NOT: Basketball blues

Tech men’s basketball lost its first five conference games this season, making the team the last-ranked team in the ACC (and 327th out of 330 Division I teams). At this rate, even if the team made 140 straight free throws, it would still be dead last in free throw percentage in the ACC. Despite all the recent talk of “hope,” we’re starting to lose hope in our own team.

HOT: Super alum

Even though the Arizona Cardinals killed the Falcons’ slim chances of making it to the Super Bowl, the Tech community still has one reason to cheer for the Cardinals. Ken Whisenhunt, CE ’90, will try to coach the Cardinals to victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NOT: Tasty?

Peanut butter lovers beware: a recent salmonella outbreak has affected cookies, crackers and ice cream, killing up to six people. Even worse, the outbreak was traced to a plant in Georgia. We can only hope the Nutter Butter cookies sold in Tech vending machines have been removed.