Our Views: Hot or Not

HOT: Always low prices

Mike Duke, who graduated in the class of 1968 as an IE major and member of Delta Sigma Phi, has joined the growing list of prominent Tech alumni after recently being named CEO of Wal-Mart. His appointment means that Tech has trained quite possibly one of the most powerful men in the world. We’re all for low prices and increased renown for the Institute.

NOT: Spring awakening

We have all noticed that friends who attend other universities seem to have longer winter breaks than us. In fact, this year’s Spring semester boasted one of the earliest start dates ever, at Jan. 5, cutting the holiday festivities and vacations short. Tech is already harder than other schools; do we really deserve to also have the least amount of vacation time?

HOT: Dawg domination

Some time may have elapsed, but we’re still relishing in our streak of wins over the Georgia Bulldogs. As if our football victory Between the Hedges—which ended a seven-year dry spell—wasn’t enough, men and women’s basketball also made the Yellow Jackets’ sting felt on the court.

NOT: Frustrating fences

The green tarp fencing around Skiles walkway and the library parking lot has become a nuisance for pedestrians moving through the heart of campus, forcing them onto muddy grass. Despite construction, we don’t see why all of the surrounding pedestrian walkways have been blocked.