Our Views: HOT-or-NOT

HOT: Greener plans

While watching an empty, closed-off lot sit idly for months puzzled many of us, finding out that the delays in construction for the Clough Building were caused by a redrafting of designs to make the new building more “green” is encouraging. The changes will cement Tech’s leadership in environmental sustainability and stay true to Clough’s green legacy.

NOT: Bicycle burglars

Too few bike racks, increasingly chilly weather and now, bicycle thefts that are spreading beyond the housing periphery into the center of campus are making it tough to be a cyclist at Tech. Then again, using U-locks and keeping cell phones handy to snap pictures of bike burglars seen walking (or riding) with wire cutters in their back pockets has proven surprisingly effective.

HOT: Summer saved

Following fears that the next summer session would offer fewer classes thanks to budget cuts, the recent announcement that summer 2009 will actually be expanded is good news to all. It’s good to know that even during the budget crisis the state is still looking out for students.

NOT: Ticketing trouble

After the basketball online ticketing system went down due to a server crash, officials announced they were considering a new system through Ticketmaster. If it’s the same Ticketmaster that we all know and hate, it looks like an even rougher season for sports ticketing may lie ahead.