Our Views: HOT-or-NOT

HOT: Barr hopping

Libertarian presidential nominee and former Republican congressman Bob Barr recently made a stop at Tech, following a line of public appearances which included the Colbert Report. Barr’s visit offered refreshing insight from the only third-party candidate on the Georgia Ballot. Barr joins Barack Obama in the list of presidential candidates who have courted Tech.

NOT: Homecoming loss

For the first time since 1996, Tech lost the Homecoming football game against Virginia this past weekend. While other Homecoming events went well, the football loss put a damper on the celebrations, leaving Tech students and fans with less to cheer for. Tech’s chances for winning the ACC are now slimmer, only worsening the blow of the Homecoming weekend loss.

HOT: Celebrating women

The Women’s Resource Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, recently hosting a number of events. The center was founded in 1998 to provide a place to support all women on campus. Anything that encourages more women at Tech is always celebrated by all.

NOT: Failed promises

The Tech Promise financial aid program effectively stated last year that any family earning less than $33,300 would be offered financial aid to cover the costs of a Tech education. Now it seems that interviews were used to filter about 500 applicants. That sounds like a failed promise.